Tuesday, September 14, 2010



3 eggplant, roasted or boiled, then peeled
1 cup flour
1/2 cup mashed tofu
1/2 cup grated squash
1/2 teaspoon salt
Pinch of black pepper and mushroom powder to taste

Directions (to make the cookie):

1. Put buckwheat (which is a gluten-free alternative to wheat)
2. Put pecans
3. Put dates (if you have dates that have been in the store for a while, you might want to soak them in water for a little bit, just so that they have a little bit of moisture to help with the dough
4. Mix it all up
5. Turn on your masticating juicer
6. Masticate the dough
7. Now we have our dough, it's going to be really sticky so i always have a little bit of water to keep my hands moist
8. Scoop it out and into little balls onto a wax paper sheet or parchment paper, anything that won't stick
9. Use your water and you kind of just press down. You make them into little circles and that way it looks more like a cookie instead of an ice cream scoop
10. Once you're finished, you just put these in the dehydrator for about 12 hours (put them in for 6 hours and then put them in on the other side for 6 hours)
11. After dehydrate for about 12 hours, pull them out
12. Coat these in caramel
13. After the cookies already coated with caramel press it down into buckwheat (because the caramel is so sticky, they just coat very nicely)
14. Keep rolling it
15. Put them into the fridge to get a little bit cold, that way when we dip them in chocolate,the chocolate will set quicker.

Directions (to make caramel):

1. Add fresh dates
2. Add a little bit of the powder lucuma (which is a peruvian fruit)
3. Add vanilla
4. Mix it up using food processor
5. Keep your hands a little bit wet
6. Take a little chunk of caramel
7. Place it right on the cookie and kind of fold it over the edges, engulfing the whole cookie in caramel

Directions (to make chocolate):

1. Take a bowl
2. Take raw cacao butter
3. Warm it up in a dehydrator or you can use a double boiler, where you put a bowl of really hot water underneath this. But you want to make sure not to get any water in your cacao butter, because they don't mix very well. So, if you're somewhere cold, you need to keep hot water underneath the butter to keep it in its liquid state. Otherwise, it will set really quickly and then you'll just have to reheat it up again
4. After the raw cacao butter already melted take the cacao powder
5. Put it right in a sifter
6. Sift in a little bit
7. Whisk it (make sure to get the sides)
8. Keep adding cacao powder, until it gets kind of a fudgey consistency
9. Taste it to make sure that it's the bitterness that you like or the sweetness
10. You can put super foods inside of the chocolate (like chlorella, goji berry powder)
11. Add sweetener as much or as little as you want (you can using clear agave. This is clear and uncooked, so is still retains all its vitamins and minerals)
12. Coat the cookies in chocolate then put it on a plate
13. Put them into the fridge to set about 10 minutes
14. Ready to serve

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